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The monument to remember the 17 murdered agricultural
workers in Eldorado do Carajás, Pará, Brazil.
From the site of Piet de Blanken

July 26, 2004 

A Note from the Theosophical Society
A note from the main offices of the Theosophical Society in Adyar, India, on Jorge Angel Livraga's organization, New Acropolis

July 26, 2004 

Apologetics and Academic Supporters of the Family
Notes on cult apologists James Gordon Melton, Ralph Underwager, James Lewis, David Bromley and Massimo Introvigne

March 10, 2003 

How Introvigne turned the Jehovah's Witnesses into his salesmen
A fascinating case of scholarly tit-for-tat: in this document, we can see how the Italian Watch Tower Society, hardly known for its appreciation for "objective sociology", urges its followers to buy copies of a book by Introvigne, providing instructions on how to place mass orders with another Alleanza Cattolica member, bypassing the bookshops. Not surprisingly, the book happens to be a new edition of an older book on the Jehovah's Witnesses, systematically purged this time - as we can see from a comparative table - of any information that the hierarchy of the group might find not to its taste.

November 5, 2001 
Thorough overhauling of the "Critical Page" and a review of all the articles. June 23, 2001 

Gunboat diplomacy:
The US pressure Europe to ensure religious privileges to multinationals

On Le Monde Diplomatique, investigating journalist Bruno Foucherau tells how the US are tryiong to impose unlimited freedom of action for their "religious" multinationals in Europe too. Diplomatic pressure in the name of the free market. With a note on the activities of CESNUR.

June 22, 2001 

"Repeating a lie a hundred times":
Introvigne, Cantoni, TFP

In 1999, Massimo Introvigne wrote that claims of links between TFP and Alleanza Cattolica were merely "lies repeated a hundred times". In this article, we comment on an interview granted by Giovanni Cantoni, Alleanza Cattolica founder, to the official magazine of TFP, where Cantoni tells the story of forty years of devotion to TFP founder, Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira and of a "relationship which still lasts" with TFP.

June 17, 2001 

Introvigne vs. Maigret
If you disagree with CESNUR it means you are paid for by the French Secret Service

Introvigne publishes a "Manifesto" against France, and also returns to one of his favourite conspiracy theories. May 24, 2001 

The Coup that Failed:
a Case Study in Counter-Revolutionary Strategy

TFP, Alleanza Cattolica and other CESNUR friends interfere heavily in the struggle inside the Italian Catholic cult-monitoring organization GRIS. A rather complicated but interesting inside view of the none-too-scrupulous manner in which Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira's Italian devotees try to take over other Catholic organizations. April 13, 2001 

"If they say you are a terrorist, then you are a terrorist"
An Apology to Prof Hadden

In a review on the CESNUR site, Alleanza Cattolica militant PierLuigi Zoccatelli quoted the US scholar Jeffrey K. Hadden as a supporter of the thesis according to which anybody who criticizes Introvigne is a "terrorist", adding an extraordinary twist: if you complain about being called a terrorist, then it means you are a terrorist. On the basis of this review, I wrote an article (no longer available) which was very critical towards Prof. Hadden. Actually, Hadden never said anything of the kind. Besides apologizing to Hadden for not having checked the reliability of Zoccatelli's review, my article provides a few useful elements for understanding the way CESNUR constructs its own reality.  March 30, 2001 

"Islam is an unreliable element"
Alleanza Cattolica and CESNUR's anti-Islamic strategy

Many people know of CESNUR and Massimo Introvigne in their role as supporters of "religious freedom". Few however know that the leadership of CESNUR, Massimo Introvigne and the whole movement Alleanza Cattolica - the "counter-revolutionary" organization which Introvigne refers to - are currently engaged in a campaign on several levels against one specific religion: Islam. A campaign ironically based on many elements commonly used to delegitimize "cults".  March 23, 2001 

The Extraordinary Plot of Teresio Delfino
A website registered under a false name claims to offer the "confessions" of an alleged repentant conspirator, who reveals the existence of a plot against Scientology set up by the Speaker of the Italian Parliament, a well-known TV journalist, the critical website "Allarme Scientology" and such individuals as "agent AKA" and "agent Kojak". The whole thing would have ended up in a good laugh, if the Italian MP Teresio Delfino had not posed a question in Parliament demanding immediate steps against "Allarme Scientology" on the basis of this one piece of evidence. A story we can only call weird.  March 23, 2001 

The Old Mercenary and the SPECTRE: Ugo Maria Tassinari corrects his statements about me and New Acropolis
A positive sign of dialogue: Ugo Maria Tassinari, whose pages on New Acropolis I had criticized, agrees to remove the disputed references from the next edition of his book.  March 19, 2001 

"The True Face of the Secret Societies: Inquest into the Mysterious Group of Thebes"
One of the strangest episodes in the history of CESNUR involved Massimo Introvigne as co-founder of the secretive "Lodge of Thebes", a very small group of political and magical extremists who for a short period tried to unite the quarrelsome world of French occultists. By Serge Faubert from L'Événement du Jeudi (4 November 1993), pp. 44-52.  March 17, 2001 

Freelosofia: A Trap on the Web
A strange site especially dedicated to Wiccan groups and which claims to co-operate with CESNUR. One thing is certain: the person who is running the site is not telling the truth.  March 14, 2001 

GRIS and CESNUR: Adversaries, competitors or friends?
History and state of relations between CESNUR and GRIS, the Catholic association devoted to "pastoral" activities in the field of cults.  March 10, 2001 

"Tradition, Family and Property" declares war on Brazilian samba
From TV Crítica, Brazil. With a note by Miguel Martínez on the split between the "official" TFP of Antonio Gustavo Solimeo and the "Arautos do Evangelho" of the new "prophet", Joâo Scognamiglio Clá Días.  March 8, 2001 

"If they say you're a terrorist then you ARE a terrorist"
This article has been taken down. See April 13, 2001.  March 7, 2001 

"Militants of Alleanza Cattolica [...] founded and still inspire CESNUR"
Italian cult-researcher Alessia's fascinating analysis of Introvigne's writings, where he explicitly states that CESNUR was founded as an actor in "the struggle between Revolution and Counter-Revolution" and that "This is why militants of Alleanza Cattolica, together with others, founded and still inspire CESNUR, the Centre for the Study of New Religions".  March 7, 2001 

Can Massimo Introvigne call himself "Professor"? 
Almost three years ago, Dr Introvigne threatened to sue us if we had cast doubt on his title as "professor", obtained by teaching for three days a year at the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum in Rome, an institution belonging to the controversial Legionaries of Christ. Along with Introvigne's threat - which was never put into effect - we publish the message of a spokesman of the same Athenaeum declaring that the "Pontifical Athenaeum" is not a University. 

February 15th, 2001 

Jorge Angel Livraga Rizzi: the Story of an Emperor 
A study on the neo-theosophical cult New Acropolis and its founder, which also shows the mistakes Massimo Introvigne made in his study on the same subject. This is also virtually the only study in any language on this group. 

September 10th, 2000 

Introvigne Calls His Critics  "Terrorists" Again 
Our reply to a bizarre article by Massimo Introvigne which appeared in Terrorism and Political Violence.  The Director of CESNUR claims Secular humanists, Communists, Fascists and Muslims are all involved in an "anti-cult" conspiracy. 

September 10th, 2000 

Biographical Note About Miguel Martínez 
From a cult to freedom, the experience of the author of this site. 

September 10th, 2000 

Site completely overhauled. The  index page was turned into a complete guide to the site. 

November 29, 1999 

We too have just gone into deprogramming 
We have just had the honour of sharing in abducting and hiding away a young lady I shall call Fadija. Name it as you will - rescue, deprogramming, kidnapping.   

A demonstration by Alleanza Cattolica 
Violent activities of Introvigne's group compared to "Red Brigade" terrorism by mainstream Catholics.  

TFP is undergoing investigation by the French Parliament 
"Foreign Legion", by Rosely Forganes. From ISTOÉ Magazine N. 1558, August 11, 1999.  

October 20, 1999  

"A Bunch of Silly People Dressing up and Biting Each Other on the Neck"
We are publishing this news item on Introvigne's activity as a vampire fan only because it provides a pleasant diversion from the issue of cult apology. An article by Carol Bidwell, The Los Angeles Daily News - 23.7.1997.  

October 6, 1999  


Introvigne replies to our critique of his "anti-terrorism" study 

"Only source of funds"
Introvigne's lawyer denies Introvigne's claim that the Piedmont Region is CESNUR's "only source of funds".   
September 8, 1999  

When criticism is called "terrorism"
CESNUR uses public funds to label all its critics as "terrorists".   

This site also in GERMAN 

May 1st, 1999  

The incredible reaction of the 'Friends of CESNUR'
Forged messages, insults and obscenities.   
Also available in GERMAN    March 4th, 1999  

Press release of CESNUR referring to Introvigne's interview with Cronaca Vera 

March 2nd, 1999   

Massimo Introvigne denies having been interviewed by the magazine Cronaca Vera.  

February 28th, 1999  

Let Pinochet Go! Let Scientology Go! now also in German 

Massimo Introvigne on Cronaca Vera now also in German 

February 27th, 1999  

Massimo Introvigne on Cronaca Vera - in an interview with the Italian "gutter-press", Massimo Introvigne claims secret nomination as ghostbuster. .   

February 26th, 1999  

The Cult Apologist FAQ - from Massimo Introvigne to Eileen Barker and J. Gordon Melton: exposing zealous cult defenderss. By Tilman Hausherr, 1999.  

February 22nd, 1999   

Let go Pinochet! Let go Scientology! - concerning an article published in Cristianità, the official magazine of Alleanza Cattolica which includes CESNUR's director Massimo Introvigne among its leaders. By Miguel Martínez.    Also available in Dutch, Spanish, French and Portuguese.   

January 28th, 1999  

A new essay on Scientology has been published in France: La Secte - Secte Armée Pour la Guerre - Chronique d'une «religion» commerciale à irresponsabilité illimitée. Roger Gonnet. Editiones ALBAN, 1998.  

January 27th, 1999  

Introvigne's friendship with right-wing media tycoon Berlusconi blossoms - Massimo Introvigne, a scholar closely involved with the political Right (Corriere della Sera, January 19, 1999).   

January 25th, 1999  

Watchtower Society did not take part in CESNUR Conference - By Stephan E. Wolf. From Ex ZJ Infolink, Infoservice of the Network of Former Jehova's Witnesses in Germany, November, 1998. Available also in German.   

Massimo Introvigne replies to our article about the new CAN also in French  January 23rd, 1999   

"Dear President" - The editors of Allarme Scientology reply to Massimo Introvigne, December 25, 1998 (from a previous Italian version). Also in Portuguese 

Does CESNUR co-operate with the new CAN? - about the curious connections between CESNUR and the new CAN, organization accused of being a Scientology front group. By Harry & Martini, Christmas 1998.  

Massimo Introvigne replies to our article about the new CAN - CAN isn't reliable; Scientology is engaged in «more or less "covert" operations». By Martini, January, 1999.  

Is Scientology investigating us? - The strange story of the mysterious MIAS (Italian Anti-Cult Movement), their lies and connections with the Church of Scientology - by Martini, Christmas 1998.  

Enclosed: An Italian Parliamentary Question on Jehovah's Witnesses (Senate of the Italian Republic, session n. 485, november 12, 1998).  

December 16th, 1998  

CESNUR and GRIS are divided on Scientology - When Scientology speaks Italian, by Francesco Antonioli. From Avvenire, the daily newspaper of the Conferenza Episcopale Italiana (CEI), the Italian Bishops’ Conference. Tuesday, December 1st, 1998.   

November 29th, 1998   

"The Neverending Story" - GRIS Rome's commentary on CESNUR's press release, 27-11-1998.    

Introvigne's Jonestown - Massimo Introvigne provides us with a sample of his political agenda in an article on Jonestown 

Introvigne's silence on the most important "religious freedom" case in Italy - About a document on Jehovah's Witnesses signed by twenty Italian senators on November 12, 1998. By Miguel Martínez.   

"What messages are behind today’s cults?" - An interesting essay by Philip G. Zimbardo, former A.P.A. President. From the American Psychological Association's Home Page, May 1997.    November 27th, 1998   

"What I've seen in a Black Mass" - "A naked woman, a short coupling with the 'priest', they mumbled invocations to the Devil" - from Epoca, with an extensive interview to Introvigne, September 28, 1993.    

Os Agentes Secretos do Parlamento Belga also in Portuguese.   

November 21st, 1998  

Opened the index section of the "Critical pages", with several links.   

November 19th, 1998  

The Secret Agents of the Belgian Parliament - With reference to a press release by Massimo Introvigne and CESNUR, published on the website of the association in November, 1998.  

"Disreputable forces among the researchers at Cesnur" also in Portuguese.   November 17th, 1998  

CESNUR '98 Conference - Facts, impressions, meetings and "events", minor and major, at an international meeting. By Dr. Raffaella Di Marzio, from the Roman seat of G.R.I.S., Group of Research and Information on the Sects.   November 15th, 1998  

"Unmasking TFP's media maneuver" - research project commissioned by New Nation, 1988. Undertaken by Centre for Cultural and Media Studies, University of Natal, Durban, South Africa.  

November 8th, 1998    

Massimo Introvigne: scholar or politician? - Global domination and religion as a weapon. An article by Lucio Tancredi published on Orion, VII, n. 9, September, 1998.   

Amsterdam '97: scholars or apologists? - The CESNUR International Conference held in Amsterdam, Holland, on August 7-9, 1997. An article by Dr. Herman de Tollenaere.   

"The rubbish that ends up on paper" - An English translation of the original anonymous CESNUR Press Release dated April 22, 1998, on the controversy concerning "brainwashing". This document, originally published on the official CESNUR Web site, on August 29, mysteriously disappeared without a trace...     06-11-1998     

Some notes about the Rutherford Institute, Paul Weyrich and Morton Blackwell (The Secret Story of a Cult Apologist, Chapter 21).     September 11th, 1998    

The note about Massimo Introvigne and CESNUR signed by Mons. Michael L. Fitzgerald, Secretary for the Pontificio Consiglio per il dialogo interreligioso, is now available also in Portuguese.     September 8th, 1998    

We improved several texts and fixed some mistakes.     September 1st, 1998    

The "CESNUR Critical Page", originally hosted by a web site called Allarme Scientology, opens with the publication of the Secret Story of a Cult Apologist.