"Tradition, Family and Property"
declares war on
Brazilian samba dancing

While some of the Italian followers of Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira launched extremist groups like Sacrum Imperium and others, more wisely, created the constellation of activities called Alleanza Cattolica (and which include CESNUR), in Brazil, the movement met with serious problems on the death of the "Prophet." Currently, "Tradition, Family and Property" has split into two branches. On the one hand, a group around Gustavo Antonio Solimeo,who has managed to get hold of the name; on the other hand, the followers of Joâo Scognamiglio Clá Días, who has taken away the title of "Prophet" and most of the foreign branches. Scognamiglio has also set up a new organization, the "Arautos do Evangelho." On February 22, 2001, this group obtained recognition as an "International Association of Faithful under Pontifical Law", in an extravagant ceremony inside the Basilica of Saint Peter's in Rome.

February 22, 2001. The "Knights of the New Millennium" of Joâo Scognamiglio Clá Días march through St. Peter's Basilica to celebrate their recognition.
Nothttp://www.acnsf.org.br/online/Arautos.htmice the typical TFP jackboots they are wearing.

Scognamiglio Clá operates through the "Associaçâo Cultural Nossa Senhora de Fátima" (Cultural Association of Our Lady of Fatima), established in 1998, which claims to have eighty "houses" throughout Brazil and the support of several bishops; however, the organization is spreading throughout what used to be the Portuguese Empire, from Portugal to Mozambique and Malacca;  but the organization is now spreading through 47 countries, in first place in the former Portuguese Empire from Mozambique to Malacca. Recently, it landed in Italy, opening a large office in Mira, near Venice. The Vicar of Rome has granted the group the splendid little church of San Benedetto in Piscinula, in Trastevere; while the main offices in Italy of the "Araldi" is in Rome, in viale Vaticano 84.

A picturesque element are the "Knights of the New Millennium", the paramilitary body of the group: like in the old TFP, the young people wear cassocks and jackboots; however, Scognamiglio Clá has created considerable commotion by adding a female section, with young ladies dressed in red. In the meantime, the two wings of Plinio's followers are fighting it out in the courts of Sâo Paulo. Here, on December 12, 2000, Solimeo appeared with no less than twenty-three lawyers to support his claims. By the way, we already met Solimeo elswewhere as co-author of the first "cult apologist" book to be published by T.F.P.(however it should be said that both Gustavo Antonio and Luis Solimeo often merely signed texts written by Doctor Plinio).

However violent internal conflicts may have grown, TFP has no intention of giving up its role as public censor, as we can see in this amusing article from the web site of TV Crítica. This article has several limits of hurried journalism (for example, it calls T.F.P. "Nazi-Fascist", even using our web site as evidence - a very simplistic definition of the group). However it does provide some interesting information, especially in the second part ("what is TFP?").

Miguel Martínez

The Catholic Church and TFP censor Carnival

The Catholic Church and TFP (Tradition, Family and Property) have tried to prevent samba schools from employing so-called "holy" images during the parades. In S. Paolo the two organizations managed to get a court order forbidding a cart with the image of the Virgin Mary. TFP is an extreme-right wing organization, accused of following a Nazi-Fascist ideology. In Rio, the Catholic Church had the Military Police seize a panel representing the Virgin and a cross of the samba school Unidos da Tijuca. The association appealed to the courts, and received the right to use its own material during the parade. In his order, Judge Luís Eduardo Rabello found the Catholic Church guilty of serious lack of respect for the culture and the people of Brazil:

"The presence of the image of the Virgin and the cross during the parade do not constitute public offense. (…) With all due respect for Your Eminence, the request by the Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro shows lack of respect for the values guaranteed by the constitution of the Republic of Brazil and the festive and cultural spirit of the Brazilian people in general, especially of this capital city. (…) The overwhelming majority of the Brazilian people is Christian, and especially apostolic Roman Catholic, so there is clearly no intention whatsoever on the part of the people to be disrespectful of the Virgin Mary or the symbol of the cross."

However, the most serious fact is that the allegorical figures of the Unidos de Tijuca were seized in a completely illegal manner. Without a warrant from any magistrate, the Secretary for Security of Rio de Janeiro, Josias Quintal, accepting the request by the Archdiocese of Rio, ordered a raid and the seizure of the allegorical figures. The governor, Anthony Garotinho, although an Evangelical, took no punitive steps against secretary Josias Quintal.

Since becoming the Secretary for Security in Rio de Janeiro, Josias Quintal has already taken various steps considered to be illegal. The greatest scandal took place when a Military Police patrol tried to stop a topless woman from sunbathing on an empty beach in Rio. At the same moment, a group of criminals raped several women. Shortly after, the MP of Rio de Janeiro arrested football player Edmundo for playing cards on the beach. Last week, the MP seixed the advertising posters for Mont Blanc pens, claiming they were an instigation to Lesbianism.

What is TFP?

TFP (Tradition, Family, Property) is considered by many specialists to be the most powerful Nazi-Fascist organization in the world. Founded in Brazil by Plínio Corrêa de Oliveira, TFP today has branches in several countries. Although called Nazi-Fascist, TFP manages to operate freely in these countries thanks to its links to the Catholic Church and explicit support from the Vatican. Some of the most important right-wing organizations in the world are under control by TFP. Scholars claim that TFP is connected to various Nazi-Fascist organizations like Opus Dei, the Knights of Malta, the Masonic terrorist group P2 and the cult of Reverend Moon. According to specialists, TFP also has links to the CIA, and in Italy it is known as "Alleanza Cattolica."

European scholars and analysts have accused the TFP of taking part in secret operations involving coups in South America, and of association with the death squads in Chile and Brazil. During the 60's and 70's, TFP used to be very influential in the northern part of the State of Rio de Janeiro, the main centre of the ultra-conservative wing of the Catholic Church. During those years, TFP used to organize clearly Nazi-style parades: young men of Aryan origin would march to the military and Nazi-Fascist music, wearing brown uniforms and waving red banners. Coloured people were remarkably absent from their ranks. The parades were held only in parts of town where there was a large population of Italian and German immigrants. The TFP was also very active in the towns near Serra do Copara´, which used to be a refuge at the time for opponents of the military regime. One of these opponents was Arildo Valadâo, brother of actor Jece Valadâo, who later escaped to Araguaia [in the State of Espirito Santo - translator's note], where he was killed by the Brazilian army.

TFP calls itself a "Catholic organization which fights tooth and nail against such depraved elements of society as abortion, Socialism, workers' associations, drugs and homosexuality". TFP controls a large sector of the Catholic clergy, and is supported by the Vatican. In 1990 it received an official statement of support from the Vatican by Cardinal Edouard Gagnon, President of the Pontifical Council for the Family, for having set up the OANF. The group exerts strong influence over the executive, legislative and judiciary branches of Brazil. The group also has countless offshoots, including the Association TV Debate, the Lepanto group, SOS-Fazendeiro and OAHF (O Amanhâ de Nossos Filhos).

The year which just went by was an important one for TFP. Through various organizations, TFP worked heavily to promote censorship in the media. TFP tried to prevent the programme "Raul Gil", of Rete Globo, from showing figurative art with children, on the pretext that this would be instigation to paedophilia. It was also the TFP that tried to ban distribution of the film Dogma, only managing to get the Ministry of Justice to forbid the picture from being seen by people under 18. Last year, TFP also tried to prevent Father Marcelo Rossi from attending several TV programmes. Working together with the Secretary for Human Rights, José Gregori, TFP tried to impose an ethics code on TV stations. The extreme right-wing organization put pressure on the National Congress to prevent approval of the V-chip, a device allowing spectators to choose TV programmes, thus eliminating the need for censorship. TFP claimed that the V-chip would have prevented Secretary José Gregori from issuing the ethics code and hence, from drawing up new tools for censorship.

This far right organization can count of several newspapers and publications to spread its campaigns. For example, in the State of Rio de Janeiro, centre of the far-right Catholic organizations, TVE is "controlled" by the Catholic Church. In 1998 a far-right group managed to obtain support from Folha de Sâo Paulo to preven the telenovela "Tower of Babel" from showing homosexual characters. An example of support for this campaign provided by Folha de Sâo Paulo can be seen in the article published on June 12, 1998. Folha continues to support TFP, as we can see in a recent article of January 14 of this year. But during recent months, other newspapers as well, like Jornal da Tarde, have been showing clear sympathy for the stand taken by the fearsome and powerful TFP.

Currently, TFP is organizing the transfer to Brazil of an image of Our Lady of Fatima. It has set up an organization called SOS-Fazendeiro which supports landowners against the MST (Movimento dos Sem-Terra). Recently, this body provided assistance to the authors of the massacre of Eldorado dos Caraj´s. Besides, TFP continues its operations together with other volunteer associations and with the Secretary for Human Rights José Gregori, in drawing up a good practice code for TV. TFP is currently trying to close the programme "Passa ou Repassa" and to have the anchorwoman Babi fired from "Programma Livre", both part of SBT [a leading Brazilian TV station - translator's note]. Counting on support from the media and on its own enormous influence, TFP hopes to impose censorship on the country.

For further information on TFP's involvement with Nazi-Fascist organizations: www.kelebekler.com/cesnur

For information on the connections between TFP, Alleanza Cattolica, the Vatican and Italian Nazi-Fascist groups: www.alleanzacattolica.org

Web site of the Brazilian TFP: www.tfp.org.br

Web site of the world TFP: www.tfp.org

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