The Extraordinary Plot of Teresio Delfino:
The Protocols of the Wise Men of Tellitall

Last summer, Tellitall appeared, a website registered in the US by a person who happens not to exist. The site housed what it claimed were the "confessions" of an anonymous Italian, who - in rather childish language - described an alleged conspiracy against the multinational corporation called Scientology. The co-conspirators in the plot were, supposedly, the Speaker of the Italian Parliament, Luciano Violante, a peaceful Italian website, and an association called CICAP, the "Italian Committee for the Control of Paranormal Claims", whose members include several Nobel prize winners. Agents of the plot are alleged to be "spies", with code-names such as Megaboy, Kojak and AKA.

The Internet is full of similar stuff. (For example, at this URL, an equally anonymous source says that Elvis Presley will soon be coming back - live - in Canada.)

However, this time the "plotting" by the Speaker of the Italian Parliament was picked up by Teresio Delfino, an Italian MP, who quite seriously posed an official question in parliament. Quoting Tellitall as his sole evidence, Delfino demanded to know what "legal steps" were being taken against what he called a "truly criminal conspiracy", whose objectives included, ironically enough, posing questions in parliament.

The story is very much related to Italy, but is weird enough to be worth reading; so please be patient, since it will take a moment to download the whole page where we tell it.

Something more than a disclaimer: whatever may be said here about Mr Delfino - or whatever the reader may think of him - should be inferred only to him as an individual, and not to his party.

The question is delivered to parliament


In English: The Incredible "Conspiracy" of Teresio Delfino

In italiano: Il grandioso complotto di Teresio Delfino