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  • CESNUR Critical Page    

    The strange story of Massimo Introvigne - founder of CESNUR, Centre for Studies on New Religions, a body which receives public funds and its ties to the US neo-cons and to T.F.P., Tradition, Family and Property, a movement of Brazilian landowners officially condemned by the Brazilian Bishops' Conference. An extraordinary insight into how the world we live in works. 

  • Collateral Lives    

    The most violent pogrom against the Roma ("Gypsies") since World War II is underway in Kosovo today. here is the adventurous story of how a friend of ours saved her family from destruction. 

  • The Great Good-vs-Evil War   

    Housewives, scams, bomb collectors, neo-knights, little skinheads, liberals, millionaires, sadists, sex-tourists, journalists and other good folk go off to the New Crusades: Stories of daily Italian life in Enduring War (only in Italian, at least so far)  

  • Anthology of the Writings of Costanzo Preve   

    An anthology of the writings of the Italian philosopher Costanzo Preve (only in Italian, at least so far)  

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We are living through a worldwide war, albeit one which is being fought virtually by one side only. Some people have the courage to fight against injustice and destruction; but few realize how the use of enduring and unlimited violence is justified by the constant invention of "good causes".   

"Kelebek" tries to put together some fragments of this war of imagination. The fantasy of a "clash of civilizations", which turns into hatred for over one billion Muslims; the off-scene violence against the "collateral" people like the Roma or "Gypsies"; the creation of a kind of Molochian Christianity focused on the "free market" and on the adoration of the military might of the West; and the professionals who defend commercial, therapeutic and "religious" multinational corporations based on manipulation and hard-sale marketing. 




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