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Peace and the Vulture

 Reska one night dreamt of her deceased grandparents. They were calling her from the other side of a large field of wheat. She went towards them, since she had no fear of joining the deceased she loved. But in the very middle of the field there was a deep pit, covered with a wooden board. The grandmother called the girl to cross it. Reska put one foot forward, and suddenly the table started to split in two. She fled away and went back to the living.  
It is night now. The Adriatic has quieted down.  In a hundred Rom camps, from end to end of Italy, fear gives way for a short time to peace. For Bajram, rest means working at night in the dark factories of Brescia. He coughs loudly and slips out into the night on the ice on his motorcycle, but he is happy - at last, they have called him! 

Bechir is resting. He is holding an American magazine and pretending very seriously to read it.  

Xhevrija is resting: in this nighttime pause, her children scattered around the world have come for a moment together again. She is so taciturn, yet I saw her move her arms as if she were dancing. 

Lulzim is resting, tonight he dreamed he had been sold a permit to stay. 

Altna is resting, playing with makeup and imagining a youth she will never be allowed to live. 

Reska has managed to persuade me to watch a film on TV with the actor she has always  been in love with -  Van Damme, the good, silent hero who punishes the evil ones.   
I expect her to devote her full attention to the film. But suddenly, we realize that the life we are living is far more adventurous than any film, and that we are real people, whereas Van Damme is purely fiction. And we stop looking at the film, while Reska and Remzija fall asleep, hugging each other tight and stroking each other's hair. Their bodies communicate hope, life and love in a harrowing world.  

Such a fragile peace that this night grants us all, a veil hiding us from the sight of the vulture, who flies in slow and patient circles in the sky.  

Greetings to all from Emir



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