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Driven Out Again

"Too many Gypsies!"
Throughout the summer of 1999, this carpet under a portico of  Cascina Camafame was home to a whole family of refugees (the camper belongs to another family)

The room in Brescia is definitely overcrowded. There are ten people living in it, mother, father, son, daughter, uncle, daughter-in-law and three children, not to mention dogs and canaries, on a carpet of mattresses going from wall to wall, stacked up during the day. 

One evil night, in a lonely farmhouse, the Italian owner shoots at an Italian thief who is running away. The magistrate charges the owner, and many frightened people ask, how can you treat somebody like a criminal for having defended himself? The Roma understand the problem even better than the others do, because nobody lives in greater danger or less protected by the government than them.  

The three right-wing parties, Lega Nord, Forza Italia and Alleanza Nazionale, organize a major demonstration. The Gypsies must be driven out, they cry. The Gypsies have nothing to do with what happened, but nobody cares. Forza Italia and Alleanza Nazionale had supported D'Alema's war, but the Lega had been courageous enough to oppose it; now however they are too stupid to understand that the Roma are here because of the war.  

This newspaper photo - taken at the anti-Rom demonstration - shows the unforgettable statuesque pose of the idiot on the far right: though he seems to have few hairs on his head, the flag he is waving carries the words "Youth Action" 

Paolo Corsini is the left-wing mayor of  Brescia. Left-wing today means, knowing how to smile and to seem to be on the "moral" side of things whatever you do. 

During a meeting of the Town Council, Corsini speaks after listening carefully to all the speakers. The poor Roma (the left is always politically correct, they would never say "Gypsies"), look at how they live in those camps, without toilets, overcrowded, too many of them. So, the good mayor decides, within two days the extra human beings must disappear or be deported to camps at Rimini or Cosenza. 

The unlivable camps of course were those created by the mayor. Who never had a thought for how they lived before, until his political opposition brought the issue up. If the  camps are overcrowded, the fault lies with the war which the party of the mayor so strongly wanted. However, some people can get away with anything; and this is how they snatch the bone away from the Right. No wonder they are in power around most of Europe. 

The 48 hour ultimatum expires. At eight in the morning on October 19, the town police come and find the camp almost empty, not even the washing hanging out. But what happened to Lulzim and his family, twice refugees in a few weeks? 

Fleeing again: Altna, Anela, Xhevrija and Emir

Without hesitating a moment, a rather overwhelming lady takes them all into her home. She belongs to the same party as the mayor, she believes in Reiki and in the power of crystals and even in D'Alema, terrorizes meat-eaters and her house is full of powerful pyramids. But at the right moment she knows where to stand. Thank you, Ivana! 


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