Lulzim, Altna and Uncle Beçir

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Far away from Brescia, Lulzim, fifteen, fell in love with the Turkish eyes of Altna, who was not yet thirteen. Altna's father was a harsh and cruel man, and Bajram's family had to give money and gold for his daughter. 

Altna has five sisters and eight brothers, she does not know how to read or to count beyond thirty-nine. She laughs and jokes and lifts her children up into the air and bares her breast without any embarassment to feed them. She makes bread, cooks food and nourishes the world.  

Lulzim does countless jobs. At the age of twelve, he started as bricklayer, a shepherd, a butcher, a factory worker. The Serbs told him to stay with the Albanians, the Albanians to stay with the Serbs, until one day he asked his boss to help; and his boss found him a job as a telephone operator at the dormitory of the Serb students at Prishtina, where fist blows and bottles of arak would fly during the night. 
While his father went around the world with little Reska, Lulzim took care of his mother and of the house. Before the storm broke out, here is Lulzim at home, seated on carpets and cushions, drinking beer with his friends. Lulzim is cutting the neck of a lamb and letting the blood flow out. Lulzim working hard, Altna at twenty is mother to three children:  

Emir, fair hair and an expression which seems to challenge the world . 
Anela, with her mother's pretty and mysterious face. 
Xhevrija, in honour of grandmother Xhevrija, a small, dark spot. 

With them is Beçir, skin like dark, curly parchment, a lonely tooth and a big smile. Beçir understands nothing and understands everything, and while you speak in any language, he imitates you. Not your gestures, but with his own gestures, he tells the others what is in your heart.   


Beçir and Anela

Beçir, the brother of mother Xhevrija, was inherited together with the house, in a complicated story of land and jealousy. And he is now going to share the fate of the family. 

Lulzim never wanted to go to Italy, even for a short visit to his relatives. Until one day the skies opened wide.  

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