by Miguel Martinez

Background on this text


For fourteen years, I was a top member of a small and controversial group called New Acropolis. I founded branches of the organization in several cities in Italy. I left the organization in 1990, after becoming the national "commander" for it in Egypt. 

This text was not published here because of any interest in this small organization, but as a comment on an article about it which appears on the web pages of CESNUR, the Italian-based, but by now international, "Centre for Studies on New Religious". 

This page repeatedly refers to me - Miguel Martinez - and to a sentence made in a Paris court against me for libel. The CESNUR document provides fascinating insight into the methods employed by TFP and its affiliates, and this is the reason why we start out with this minor but significant episode.  

Since the main interest of this document lies in its analyses of CESNUR, all that need be said about New Acropolis is that it has been repeatedly accused of using symbols reminiscent of Fascism. No comment is made here concerning the truth or falsehood of such allegations.