Introvigne's Very Private Plot

Let us briefly summarize again the evidence for Introvigne's theory that a four-pronged anti-cult terrorist conspiracy exists, led by secular humanists, right-wing extremists, left-wing extremists and Muslims. 
  • The evidence he presents for Muslims being involved, as we have seen is none. 
  • The evidence for secular humanists being involved is equally none. 
  • The evidence for right-wing extremists amounts to one convention in Milan by a Catholic group. 
  • There is no evidence whatsoever for left-wing extremists being involved. 
And what has this non-conspiracy actually committed? 
  • Introvigne's evidence for "terrorism" ultimately amounts to two items. 
  • First, two explosions in Paris, which I believe we can safely attribute to political rather than to "anti-cult" motivations. 
This leaves just one item: the fact that some critical documentation on Massimo Introvigne's organization, CESNUR, circulates freely on the web and that every attempt he has made so far to suppress it has failed. 

This, in sum, is what the gigantic danger of "anti-cult terrorism" ("a category whose time has come", in the words of disciple PierLuigi Zoccatelli) amounts to. Here is how Introvigne suggests handling this threat: 

"Law enforcement, the article concludes, should focus on the minority of violent religious and millenialist movements and the small extreme anti-cult fringes."
Which apparently means that playing with Sarin gas on the subway and publishing documents on the less well-known aspects of CESNUR are equally heinous crimes.